The easiest note storage and retrieval. 100% free.

Do you want to retrieve data more quickly? No accounts or logins getting in your way—just instant access to the information you need? Anonynote can help.

Do you want to access URLs from any device—even those you don't own? In situations where bookmark syncing is not a suitable option, Anonynote can help.

Do you want to move text from one device to another that can only feasibly be copied and pasted? Are you tired of sending emails to yourself? Anonynote can help.

Let's face it: the number of devices we use in our daily lives isn't getting any smaller. You probably encounter text-based data in many forms that you want to either save or make available on another device. Why isn't there one efficient, centralized, multi-device solution to facilitate that?

Anonynote can help!


Notepad names can contain up to 16 characters of any kind, including spaces. Create a notepad and fill it with notes. Color and arrange them as you like. All data is presented in plain-text; HTML will not be interpreted. However, URLs will be converted into clickable hyperlinks.

There are no accounts or logins. Anyone can potentially open and modify your notepad. However, there is no directory. No one knows your notepad name except you. Put simply, your notepad name is your password. To avoid discovery, use the same policy in creating a notepad name as you would in creating a strong password.


Anonynote is built for speed, at the expense of security. Despite our best efforts to build a strong site, this is not a secure place to store sensitive data.

Ask yourself, "would I be upset if someone found this data?" If the answer is yes, don't enter it here.

Data will never be purged. When you no longer need your data, consider deleting it.

This site takes no responsibility for the data that its users enter here. As there are no user accounts, no one owns any of the user-inputted data. An overly simplistic notepad name may be discovered at any time and its notes edited or deleted. It is your responsibility to prevent this by using unique notepad names.