Credit, acknowledgment & thanks


Hi, I'm Jason, the creator of Anonynote. I live in Red Hook, NY. I'm a technology generalist working in the non-profit world. Web and application development is a particular passion of mine.

I keep a personal website called Peterscene where I blog and post about all the varied things I do.

Frameworks, libraries & plugins

It takes a village, as the saying goes.

Anonynote is built upon plain old jQuery. I also use jQuery UI for its drag-and-drop functionality.

For the sake of performance, certain functions are limited in their execution by Ben Alman's jQuery Throttle / Debounce.

AnimeJS is a lightweight JavaScript animation library that really jazzes things up. But just like jQuery animations, they can perform poorly on mobile. I'm also relying upon Transit, a jQuery plugin, for creating better performing CSS transitions and transformations.

When my host bailed on Google PageSpeed support, and CloudFlare failed to want to minify any of my JavaScript and CSS assets, I needed an alternative. Minify to the rescue! It's been flawless.

Those notepad permalinks are courtesy of Hashids.

Web Font Loader asynchronously calls the Google Fonts in use here.

Spectrum is a very smart, lightweight, and customizable jQuery color picker. It is capable of so much more than I'm using it for here.

Linkify is a straightforward JavaScript plugin that is hard at work turning all of your plain-text URLs into clickable hyperlinks.

Many web technologies were not made with emojis in mind. To properly enforce character limits on an any-character-goes web app, I really needed the Grapheme Splitter JavaScript library.

The contact form is courtesy of Quform. Although this is a basic implementation, it's feature-rich.

Google's Workbox is used for offline file caching.

Cloudflare serves as an effective, free CDN.

Last but not least, Jake Archibald's IndexedDB Promised library is a Google-recommended IndexedDB API mod that has transformed Anonynote from top to bottom. I was merely playing at a Progressive Web App before discovering IndexedDB.

Additional code

All the little stuff really added up here.

Philip Brown wrote a very straightforward PDO PHP class in use here.

IcoMoon really spruces the place up with some vector icon magic.

I found so many solutions to problems on Stack Overflow. Thank you, fellow coders!


Between work and home, I use many different desktop computers. I often have a need to transfer unmemorizable textual information among them and was lacking a good solution to do so. Usually I would be forced to log into my email, email myself the text, go to the other computer, log into my email, and copy the text. This was not only cumbersome but also a potential security risk: entering sensitive passwords on unfamiliar computers is unwise.

I wanted a simple place where I could quickly and anonymously post and retrieve data. No user credentials, no frills. Just one input field between me and my data. That is the site you are currently on.

I was inspired by a website called Dispostable, which I have long been a patron of. It allows you to access any email inbox at the domain—perfect as a substitute for giving a questionable site your real email.